Practice for Racing

Every Sunday after Ironman until 4 p.m.

All Practice for Racing events are open to all riders. This is a great event to start racing, keep your conditioning and/or increase your skill level. We do not call them “Open ” rides. Unorganized Open rides almost always end up in disaster. We take your safety seriously and run the Practice for Racing events in an orderly system.

Practice is by groups based on bike size and your ability.

the Groups are

  • All Jumpers – jump all the jumps, all the time
  • Some Jumpers – jump some of the jumps, some of the time
  • Non Jumpers – don’t jump any jumps
  • Mini Cycles – 65’s, 85’s and other smaller framed bikes and youth riders.

When you sign in you will be given a wristband according to the group you sign-up in. Please show the staff at the entrance to the track your wristband each time you go on the track. If you would like to ride in a different group we will gladly get you the wristband for that group.

Depending on the turn out we combine these classes, an example would be All and Some Jumpers practicing together with non-jumpers and Mini’s riding together.  Using this system you ride with racers of like ability. We rotate thru these groups in timed sessions. Safety rules, Flaggers, Medic, track prep all come into play to bring you the best event possible. We are usually watering during the event and we may take breaks as needed to run the water truck. Remember, Safety is no Accident!

These are the Rules you must agree to in order to participate;

  • Pit Riding. 1st gear, idle speed only from your pit area to the track and from the track back to your pit area.
  • Wear full Safety Apparel at all times while riding. Helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeved jersey and pants, boots, knee pads and any other protective apparel you feel will protect you in case of crash.
  • Ride only in the group best suited to your ability.
  • Do not cut the track or repeat sections or obstacles.
  • Ride complete laps.
  • No one other than signed in riders who are riding are allowed on the track.

If you forget the rules, please ask. The track staff will gladly go over them with you. For everyone’s safety we all practice safety first and avoid all hazards.

Please ask if you have any questions.

The fee is $30 per rider and $10 for pit crew 12 years old and older.

Everyone must buy an MRA Membership, New Memberships are $20 and all renewals are $10. You get a $10 Rocky Mountain Gift card when you get your Membership.